How to Volunteer

The Mountain Rescue Team was organized in December of 1997 and formally became an active team in March of 1998. This highly specialized team was formed in response to an ever growing public interest in “extreme” outdoor sports, coupled with the lack of such a team locally.

The Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) is a highly trained search and rescue unit that specializes in technical rescue in a wilderness environment, during any type of weather and terrain. The MRT responds to any type of Search and Rescue call-outs from the Sheriff’s Office ranging from an urban environment in western county, to the high sierra in eastern county. All MRT members are trained to the Search and Rescue Technician level and are able to be tasked as ground searchers to supplement the need of the Ground Search team. Likewise, the Ground team provides an incredibly well trained support pool for MRT’s needs.

For more information about our team, including membership information and upcoming events, please email the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Mountain Rescue Team at